Commitment to clinical excellence.

A & R Solutions has served the needs of opiate dependent patients since 2008. Our highly skilled and courteous staff provides expert medical care for patients seeking recovery treatment.

  • Clinical Opiate Withdraw Scale
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Urine Testing
  • Vital Signs
  • ROS Assessment
  • Pill Counts
  • Pre-Authorization for Medication where indicated
  • Counseling Referral
  • Inpatient Referral if necessary
  • Medically Directed Treatment
  • Follow-up determined by physician


Committed to you and your patients

As a dedicated addiction and behavioral health professional, you are thoughtful and thorough in guiding your patients to care that is second to none. We applaud your dedication, and will be an accessible resource that both you and your patients can trust. We’re always available to answer questions or provide additional information or resources. To learn more about A&R Solutions, please contact one of our Regional Directors.