Company History

Founded in 2014, A+R Solutions LLC is a group of addiction clinics based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Our goal is to treat the ever-growing drug dependence issue throughout our country. Our partners are a mix of both business professionals and medical professionals with different qualifications who have a deep passion to help treat all individuals suffering from addiction. We provide a safe and confidential environment to move toward achieving the necessary skills to harness the disease and allow individuals to become respected members of their homes and communities. Due to our experience and backgrounds, we understand medical specialists need a professional and comfortable place to work so they may properly help others in need. Anyone who agrees with what we are doing and is interested in joining our endeavor are welcome to contact us so together we may unite and fight the growing epidemic of addiction in our country.

Featured Staff

Greg Roscoe, C.E.O

Greg Roscoe has spent his career as an entrepreneur in various businesses. With a Master’s Degree in health care administration, he decided, with his business partner Donna Ambrogi, to start first A+R Health and soon to follow A+R Solutions.

When he sold a large real estate business in 2006, he stated looking for something more meaningful to do with his life. In 2007 he saw a special about Sargent Shriver, the founder of Head Start, and decided he wanted to do something to help people. In 2008 he started his journey after a personal relationship with someone struggling with addiction issues, and experiencing the “system,” He wanted to do it better. He decided to open a clinic that always treated the patient with care and respect.

“Addiction is a medical disease just like diabetes or hypertension. We as a society need to start treating it as such”.—Greg Roscoe

Erin Beck-Partner

Erin Beck began working with Greg Roscoe and Donna Ambrogi at A+R Solutions in 2013 and was added as partner in 2014. She had 15 years in sales and business experience before deciding to go back to school to become a registered nurse. With the duel background in both business and nursing, Erin is an asset to the team helping to balance both the budget and the patient care aspects. She is passionate about helping people on the path to recovery and making our company a place that makes people feel welcome.

“I spend my days helping people get to where they want to be in life…for me there is no better life path.” -Erin Beck


Sarah Barlow M.D.

I joined with the company last year after spending years of residency tending to patients struggling with addiction. My goal is to aid my patients in their path to recovery. I have yet to meet someone who who wants to be dependent on any person or substance in order to exist. We have to be realistic and acknowledge that addiction is a medical disease and needs to be treated. The services we offer allow our patients to regain control of their lives. I believe that everyone is capable of being completely sober. However, this may not be the path each individual follows. I tell my patients they must be 110% emotionally and physically ready to start weaning off the medicine. When they have reached this point, I’ll be there. If they never get there, and need to be on it for the rest of their lives, that’s okay too. And I’ll be there for them every step of the way. As in the case with any patient on blood pressure medicine, people with addiction may need to maintain a lifelong treatment as well. Addiction is a disease and as a doctor, I am here to help. My patients are never a statistic. They are people and they are people I want to get to know.

Dr. Barry Tenenouser M.D.

Dr. Barry Tenenouser is a family medicine doctor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He received his medical degree from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine and has been treating patients who are struggling with opioid addition for many years. And for the last month we are happy to have Dr. Barry Tenenouser with A+R Solutions LLC.

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